About the Museum

The Nobel Museum in Karlskoga is a museum about Alfred Nobel the inventor, industrialist, donor and founder of the Nobel Prizes. It was here, in Björkborn Manor, that Alfred Nobel lived during the few final summers of his life. He built a laboratory near the Manor in which he continued his research within such areas as propellants and creating artificial rubber. This laboratory survives to the present day housing an exhibition about his work and related industries.

In Björkborn Manor itself, visitors can learn more about Alfred as a person.

The museum opened in Karlskoga in the 1970s starting with summer exhibitions about Alfred Nobel. In 1982 the Alfred Nobel Björkborn Foundation was started, operating under the name of ‘Nobel Museum in Karlskoga. Today the Alfred Nobel Björkborn Foundation is run by The Nobel Foundation, Karlskoga Municipality, SAAB Dynamics AB and Akzo Nobel AB. The chairperson is the governor of Örebro County.